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A positive client experience is at the center of every one of our treatment programs no matter the stage of clinical care. At Guardian Recovery Network we believe that the well-being of the client and his or her loved ones should always come first, and that true healing is achieved when the client and his or her family members constantly feel heard, supported and understood. Addiction recovery can be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling process for everyone involved, but this is generally only the case when the experience of the client is prioritized by every staff member. At Guardian Recovery Network we are dedicated to providing the most positive experience possible, making the recovery process exceptional from start to finish.

An Experience Rooted in Respect and Compassion

We are able to offer a client experience that is deeply rooted in respect and compassion. Our team of experienced staff members have decades of professional knowledge and a deep passion for recovery. Many of them have been in your shoes and know exactly what skills it takes to stay sober long-term. Most of our staff members have been through the treatment process themselves, or have helped a loved one overcome substance abuse. Our level of firsthand experience helps set us apart — along with the comprehensive services and individualized care we offer each of our clients.

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What to Expect

Many treatment centers offer cookie-cutter services in a sterile, impersonal setting. At Guardian Recovery Network we treat our clients with the same level of respect and kindness that we would show members of our own families. When you or your loved one enters into any one of addiction treatment programs (medical detox, inpatient treatment or intensive outpatient treatment), you can expect to be welcomed warmly and made to feel right at home. As far as the treatment process goes, you can expect to follow the same basic guidelines regardless of which level of clinical care you find yourself in. These guidelines include:

  • An initial addiction assessment – Upon admission to any one of our treatment programs, each client undergoes an in-depth physical, psychological and medical assessment. This helps our clinical team make sure necessary precautions are being taken, and helps focus the overall treatment experience even more on individual needs and personal requirements.
  • Once the assessment is complete, the client is assigned a case manager – The case manager who serves as the main point of contact during the remainder of the treatment process. Case managers get to know each client on a thorough and personal basis so that they can effectively help develop treatment goals and a plan for continuing care. If the client has any questions or concerns during any stage of the recovery process, his or her case manager is readily available to help in any way possible.
  • Intensive therapeutic care – Therapy is the backbone of every one of our treatment programs, from medical detox all the way through intensive outpatient treatment. We offer a combination of individual and group therapy sessions, all which are led by a licensed and highly experienced therapist. Clients have access to one-on-one therapy at least once a week – more frequently depending on the level of care. Group therapy sessions tend to meet every day that the program is in session.
  • An incorporation of holistic treatment methods – Holistic addiction treatment focuses on a “whole person” approach to recovery, meaning that the mind, body and spirit are all addressed simultaneously. We utilize a range of proven holistic treatment methods during every phase of our recovery process, including yoga therapy, mindfulness meditation, acupuncture, nutritional therapy, massage therapy and an introduction to energy healing practices like Reiki.
  • A detailed plan for continuing care, and regular check-ins to ensure that past clients are staying on the right track – Recovery doesn’t end simply because clinical treatment concludes – we want to make sure that all of our past clients are continuously meeting their treatment goals, which is why we stay involved in their recovery long after they graduate from our program.

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The Things We Do Differently

At Guardian Recovery Network we pride ourselves on doing things differently – and by that, we mean providing a treatment experience that is thorough, individualized and extremely integrated. The level of clinical care we provide cannot be found in any state-funded facility, and our therapeutic programs are always licensed and accredited.

Client-Oriented Addiction Therapeutic Services

The client-oriented services we provide include:

A Family-Oriented Treatment Experience

If your loved one is attending any one of our addiction treatment programs, you can expect to be involved in every single stage of the recovery process. At Guardian Recovery Network we believe that family involvement is crucial to long-term sobriety, and we believe that because addiction deeply affects everyone it touches, the family should have the opportunity to heal simultaneously. We offer professionally facilitated family therapy sessions and a family workshop for additional support, addiction education and therapeutic healing.

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    At Guardian Recovery Network we take a client-focused approach to addiction treatment. We believe that the well-being of each individual client and his or her family should consistently come first. We also offer an integrated approach to treatment that focuses on a complete restoration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. For more information on how to get yourself or a loved one started on a lifelong journey of healing contact us today.

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