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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

What is Partial Hospitalization, or PHP?

Partial Hospitalization is a level of clinical care that typically follows residential inpatient treatment, and precedes intensive outpatient treatment (IOP). During PHP clients generally take part in a full schedule of activities approximately 5 or 6 days a week, These could include individual, group and family therapy, educational workshops, recreational activities, meditation and other recovery programming. While in PHP, guests generally live at a sober living or private home and come to the PHP facility during the day.

Benefits of PHP

There are countless benefits of partial hospitalization. When undergoing addiction treatment it is important to avoid rushing through the process. We understand that you might be eager to get back to your day-to-day life. However, cutting treatment short can easily lead to relapse, which will undeniably make the process all that much more time-consuming in the long run. Partial hospitalization is an ideal option for a person who has recently completed inpatient treatment but does not necessarily feel comfortable transitioning back into fully independent living. For this reason, PHP and sober living often go hand-in-hand. Clients have as much support as they need, but they are also able to return home to a structured living environment every evening and implement what they are learning in a real-life environment.

Additional benefits of PHP include:

  • Peer support – In a PHP setting clients have the ability to offer one another peer support, encouragement and advice based on personal experiences. Clients hone their communication skills and develop healthy friendships with one another.
  • A continuation of intensive therapy – In PHP clients have access to individual, group and family therapy sessions. Individual therapy takes place once a week (or more, depending on how many clients are involved in the program at a time). Group therapy sessions take place every day that PHP meets.
  • Access to psychiatric services – Our PHP programs offer medication management and one-on-one meetings with a licensed, on-staff psychiatrist. This is essential for men and women struggling with dual diagnosis disorders.
  • An intermediary amount of personal freedom – It can be difficult to make the transition from inpatient treatment back into the real world. A step-down treatment process greatly reduces the risk of relapse.
  • A slow transition back into independent living – Clients never feel like they are forced to stand on their own two feet before they feel completely comfortable doing so.
  • The ability to process experiences in a therapeutic setting – If a client experiences a challenge outside of treatment, he or she can process this experience with his or her peers and in the presence of a licensed therapist.
  • A continuation of relapse prevention training – Clients learn to identify and work through their personal relapse triggers.
  • A strong emphasis on the development of life skills – Our PHP programs focus on instilling clients with the life skills they need to thrive on their own once treatment comes to an end.

What to Look for When Choosing a PHP

When choosing the best PHP for you or your loved one there are several important factors to keep in mind.

Look for the following when choosing a PHP:

  • A program that is facilitated by a team of licensed and highly experienced professionals.
  • A program that offers the same services offered by inpatient treatment.
  • A program that helps with sober living placement if need be.
  • A program that is flexible and assists clients in making a smooth transition back into fully independent living.

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  • A program that either accepts your insurance or is open to additional coverage options like self-pay or private pay.
  • A program that is in an ideal location – a location that is in a recovery-rich community, and one that is close to reputable, gender-specific sober homes.
  • A program that offers any additional services you need, like dual diagnosis treatment or medication management.

Guardian Recovery Network Facilities with PHP Programs

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Components of a PHP Program

Guardian Recovery Network’s PHP programs offer a range of evidence-based therapies and treatment modalities, including:

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