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There are few things in life more painful than watching a loved one suffer at the hands of a substance abuse disorder. You have likely tried to intervene on multiple occasions, begging your loved one to stop, giving him or her ultimatum after ultimatum, or setting personal boundaries that are either ignored entirely or compromised repeatedly. At Guardian Recovery Network we understand how hopeless and overwhelming watching a loved one fight the battle against addiction can be. Many of our staff members have either been in your shoes or have overcome substance abuse themselves. We know how quickly you can come to the end of your rope — and we know that when you get there, you likely feel as if you have completely run out of options.

The good news is that recovery is always possible no matter how severe a substance abuse disorder has become, and no matter how lost and helpless you might currently feel. At Guardian Recovery Network we offer personalized intervention services geared towards helping your loved one receive the professional addiction treatment he or she so desperately needs. An intervention is a carefully planned and professionally facilitated process geared towards helping men and women who have been suffering from a dangerous or life-threatening substance abuse disorder. Because addiction is a disease deeply rooted in denial, a more involved approach to confrontation is often necessary.

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When is an Intervention Necessary?

A professionally staged intervention is a good idea if your loved one refuses to seek treatment, if your loved one has become a danger to him or herself or to others, or if your loved one is suffering from a substance abuse disorder and an underlying mental health condition that is not being adequately treated. Suffering from an untreated mental illness makes it even more difficult to make rational decisions, and puts individuals at higher risk. Of course, substance abuse — on its own — is a disease characterized by irrational thinking and deep-rooted denial. Even if someone suffering from addiction has overdosed repeatedly, wound up homeless and lost everything, obtaining and using chemical substances might still take priority. In situations like these, crisis intervention services become absolutely necessary. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in order for addiction treatment to be effective it does not necessarily need to be voluntary — in many cases, professionally staged interventions are required in order to get the ball rolling. The moment you contact Guardian Recovery Network and explain your current circumstances we put you into contact with one of our experienced and licensed interventionists, who walk you through every additional step of the process.

It is important that you never attempt to organize or carry-out an intervention on your own. Doing so can easily backfire and push your loved one even farther away. In order for an intervention to be effective and successful there is a very specific formula that must be adhered to. Read more about the step-by-step process below, or reach out to us for more detailed information on the intervention services we provide.

Confronting Addiction Through Professional Intervention

Each call to Guardian Recovery Network for intervention is treated with gravity and urgency. We know that a hurting family is reaching out in desperation — and that the life of a loved one hangs in the balance. Your call sets our highly effective, evidence-based intervention process in motion. Steps include:

  • In-depth facilitation by a trained and licensed interventionist – who develops a plan of action that includes intervention participants, intervention setting, and the therapeutic approach for engaging the individual in a desire to change.
  • Comprehensive planning for pre-admission – and immediate travel to a residential treatment facility best-suited to an individual’s needs and financial picture.
  • Education and clarification – for the intervention participants on the issue(s) at play, the family dynamics involved, and the ongoing need for family support.
  • Guidance and mediation – during the actual intervention as family and friends reveal their own struggles and heartaches resulting from a loved one’s struggle with drug or alcohol misuse, eating disorder or mental health condition.
  • Travel accompaniment – and compassionate support for the individual who agrees to enter detox or residential treatment.

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Professionally Staged Interventions – A Step-By-Step Breakdown

At Guardian Recovery Network we work closely with several highly experienced interventionists — all with extremely high success rates. The interventionists that we work with help guide the loved ones of our clients through a detailed, step-by-step process. While every intervention varies on a person-to-person basis depending on unique needs and requirements, the fundamental steps remain consistent.

The steps involved in a professionally staged intervention include:

  • A detailed and personalized clinical and medical assessment – Once one of our interventionists is assigned to a family he or she begins by completing a detailed assessment. This assessment has several goals – to determine the urgency of the intervention, to determine which level of clinical care is going to be the most appropriate for each individual case and to determine who is going to be directly involved in the process moving forward.
  • The development of a solid plan of action – The next step is developing a plan for the intervention itself. The interventionist works closely with the loved ones of the addicted individual, and a time and place are carefully determined. Because interventions can be emotionally charged and because they do not always result in an agreement to seek professional treatment, having a plan for every possible outcome is absolutely essential.
  • Forming a group of immediate family members and other loved ones that are going to participate in the intervention – It is important that the person who is at the center of the intervention never feels “ganged up on” or personally attacked. It is crucial that the intervention group stays small and intimate, and that it only includes those who have been majorly impacted.
  • Gathering pertinent information – Additional information is collected by the interventionist in order to finalize a plan of action that has the highest potential for success. At Guardian Recovery Network we work closely alongside our interventionists, helping them develop a plan for admission should treatment be accepted.

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  • Finding an appropriate level of clinical care and an appropriate treatment center – In most cases, the person who is the focus of the intervention will enter into medically monitored detox before transitioning to a higher level of clinical care. A detox program is chosen, a date for intake is set and transportation plans are confirmed before the intervention begins. This way, the person has no opportunity to change his or her mind.
  • Writing and proof-reading the letters that are going to be read aloud during the actual intervention – The interventionist helps participants write-up letters that are to be read aloud during the intervention. These letters are non-confrontational and avoid placing blame – instead, they detail how each participant has been directly affected.
  • Deciding on boundaries that are going to be set, shared and maintained – The interventionist helps participants set personal boundaries that are to be shared during the intervention and maintained should the person refuse treatment.
  • Following-up – Family involvement does not end once treatment is accepted. At Guardian Recovery Network we place a strong emphasis on the continuation of family involvement during every stage of the early recovery process. We follow-up with the loved ones of our clients repeatedly, offering them additional services and resources whenever necessary.

Comprehensive Clinical Care

At Guardian Recovery Network we remain dedicated to providing our clients and their loved ones with the most comprehensive and individualized clinical care available. Our program of recovery often begins with a professionally staged intervention (whenever necessary), continues with medically monitored detox and transitions immediately into the next appropriate level of care — whether that be inpatient treatment or intensive outpatient treatment. At Guardian Recovery Network we understand that because active addiction affects everyone differently, no two programs of recovery should be identical. Our focus on individualized treatment planning is just one of the factors that sets our program of recovery apart from the rest.

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    If someone you love has been suffering from a substance abuse disorder and has consistently refused to seek or receive professional treatment, Guardian Recovery Network is available to help. We work closely with several licensed interventionists, all who boast extremely high success rates and who understand the importance of receiving treatment as quickly as possible. The moment you make the decision to contact us we put you into touch with one of these licensed interventionists, who then walks you through every additional stage of the process from start to finish. Treatment does not need to be voluntary in order to be effective.

    At Guardian Recovery Network we offer several levels of clinical care including medical detox, inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. In most cases, an individual who has undergone an intervention is immediately admitted to one of our medically monitored detox facilities, where he or she undergoes a pain-free drug or alcohol withdrawal in a safe and structured environment for between three days and two full weeks. While your loved one is in medical detox, our clinical and medical teams develop a personalized plan for continuing care, which often includes a transition into one of our inpatient treatment centers. At Guardian Recovery Network, we are dedicated to helping you and your loved one through every single stage of the early recovery process. For more information or to help your loved one begin on his or her personal journey of healing contact us today.

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