Making a decision to seek treatment is not without its challenges, but the journey is always worth the climb. When questions and concerns threaten to disrupt your progress, turn to our team of Guardians. Don’t let questions like these derail you:

  • Am I strong enough?
  • Is this the right decision?
  • Who can I trust?
  • What does the future hold?

As you undertake a healing journey with our best-in-class doctors, therapists and clinicians, we’ll help you answer these questions, develop essential life skills, renew your confidence and fulfill your purpose.

What to Expect on the Journey

Depending on your individual situation, you may join the Guardian family through an intervention or by entering our state-of-the-art detox facility. Once you are mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to begin active recovery, our credentialed team welcomes you into residential, intensive outpatient or case management programs. Guardian Recovery Network’s continuum of care is individually tailored to your lifestyle, addiction severity and mental health diagnosis—and stay length can be customized to your needs.

Keep in mind that your Guardian journey may include family involvement, as well. Loved ones can be instrumental in recovery, but they face treatment challenges—just like you. At your request and throughout your stay with our Florida, Maine and New Jersey treatment centers, we guide your family through the process of healing wounds, restoring communication and building a healthy recovery contract.

Learn more about our areas of expertise and discover who we serve.

Experience Our Clinically
Sophisticated Programs

Begin the Guardian Journey.
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The Guardian Recovery Network Difference

Guardian Recovery Network is a family of ethical, world-class treatment and wellness facilities in Florida, Maine and New Jersey. Unlike less-established centers without the clinical expertise to back their claims, Guardian and its facility network boasts decades of collective experience serving adolescents, adults and seniors from all walks of life. Advantages of our programs include:

  • Clinical excellence focused on every facet of mind, body, spirit wellness
  • Comfortable, medically supervised detox
  • Proven 12-step immersion programs rooted in AA’s Big Book®
  • Relaxing environments that deliver an optimal treatment experience
  • Premium locales & facility amenities
  • Team members that have walked a similar path to recovery

Take the journey. Reach for life-saving hope when all seems lost. When you contact a Guardian now, our highly skilled team will support you as you navigate insurance reimbursement, prepare for detox, and embark on the path to a successful, fulfilling future.

Today is the day.