Your addiction may seem like a solitary struggle, but it’s a battle shared by family, friends, co-workers and other individuals who touch your life everyday. When addiction to drugs or alcohol became the focus of your existence, isolation, conflict and apathy eat away at your relationships with loved ones. Those who care for you have been left with emotional wounds and worry for your well-being.

At Guardian Recovery Network, you’ll find another group of people who care about you and your loved ones. Our trained and experienced addiction specialists are living proof that recovery from addiction is possible—and well worth the struggle. We understand your challenges and recognize the hard work and discipline you will invest to repair family connections and achieve a purposeful, thriving sober life. We also believe that the 12-step principles provide a firm foundation for rebuilding relationships and restoring your self-worth.

Guardian Services Support Your Recovery

The seasoned clinicians and addiction specialists at Guardian Recovery Network offer addiction recovery services spanning the entire continuum of care: from intervention and enrollment to ongoing support for transformative, long-term recovery. The complete spectrum of Guardian Recovery Network addiction treatment and services includes:

Advocates for Your Healing Journey

As you proceed in treatment, Guardian team members who have also traveled the recovery path will aid in your success. Our caring staff encourages you through rough patches and helps you construct bridges to relational, emotional and physical healing. We also support your family and advocate for your medical rights and insurance coverage–since finances should never be a barrier to sobriety.

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