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Experiential Therapy

What is Experiential Therapy?

Addiction is rooted in emotional discomfort. The majority of men and women who begin abusing chemical substances initially turn to drugs and alcohol as a means of self-medication. They are dealing with an underlying condition or experiencing something significant that lends itself to emotional distress. Maybe they are suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness, maybe they recently suffered the loss of a loved one, maybe they are attempting to numb out persistent feelings of loneliness and inadequacy. Whatever the case may be, most men and women who abuse drugs and alcohol are in some kind of emotional pain. After years of attempting to shut out and ignore this pain, it can be difficult to access it and effectively work through it. However, in order for long-term recovery to be achieved, all of this emotional baggage must be addressed.

This is where experiential therapy comes into play. It can be hard for people who are in a program of recovery to openly talk about uncomfortable feelings and the past experiences that led to emotional damage. Experiential therapy helps clients tap into and process their feelings through a variety of alternative methods, ultimately allowing them a greater chance at maintaining sobriety. At Guardian Recovery Network we utilize a range of proven experiential therapy methods, focusing on a hands-on approach to comprehensive clinical care.

Benefits of Experiential Therapy

There are many heavily researched and proven benefits associated with experiential therapy, including:

  • Working through past memories that might be too painful to talk about in a traditional talk therapy setting
  • Improving interpersonal relationships
  • Further developing healthy communication skills
  • Building self-esteem and fostering a sense of self-worth
  • Addressing unresolved trauma in a safe and supportive environment

Because every recovery experience is different, the benefits associated with experiential therapy always vary on a person-to-person basis. However, the effectiveness of these therapeutic techniques is unquestionable.

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The Experiential Services We Provide

At Guardian Recovery Network we offer a wide range of experiential therapeutic methods, including:

  • Mindfulness – Mindfulness is a crucial component of every effective recovery program. This method of experiential therapy teaches clients how to live in the present moment through meditation and a range of other mindfulness-centered exercises. Clients learn how to stay grounded, identify and express how they are feeling in the moment they are living, and what techniques to employ if they slip into negative thinking patterns. Mindfulness helps clients change the ways in which they view and interact with the world around them.
  • Art therapy – This therapeutic method revolves around the expression of unresolved trauma or uncomfortable emotions through creative means. Artistic expression can be a powerful healing tool, and art therapy helps our clients externalize what they are feeling in a healthy and productive way. Art therapy sessions are facilitated by a licensed therapist, and include drawing, painting, collage making and numerous other effective artistic exercises.
  • Music therapy – Music is often linked to emotion – certain types of music can instill or arouse feelings of sadness or sorrow, or feelings of happiness and joy. We teach clients how to express their emotions through music and how to utilize music as a healing tool. Some benefits of music therapy include stress reduction, fostering healthy communication skills, improving cognitive function (specifically memory and attention span) and enhancing social functioning.

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

  • Adventure therapy – Going out and taking part in fun and exciting experiences with a group of like-minded peers helps clients develop social skills and successfully overcome behavioral challenges. We offer a range of activities as part of our adventure therapy programs, from kayaking to going on day-long hikes. This therapeutic method helps clients build trust and improve communication while gaining the self-confidence that goes hand-in-hand with applying what they have learned in real-life situations.
  • Journaling – Writing in a journal helps facilitate self-reflection, and looking back on past journal entries is an exceptionally useful tool when it comes to overcoming uncomfortable emotions in the present moment. Journaling and mindfulness are closely interlinked.
  • Psychodrama – Psychodrama is a method of psychotherapy that involves role-playing and dramatization. This action method of therapy helps clients gain insight into their own lives and experiences as they bolster social skills and learn to communicate with one another in productive and healthy ways. Psychodrama tends to be especially beneficial for clients who are suffering from unresolved trauma.

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Other Clinical Services We Provide

In addition to the above-listed therapeutic methods, Guardian Recovery Network also provides the following clinical services as part of our comprehensive treatment program:

Our Comprehensive and Individualized Program of Recovery

At Guardian Recovery Network we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive program of clinical care that focuses equally on physical, mental and emotional healing. We believe that by offering a combination of traditional talk therapy, experiential therapy and holistic approaches to recovery we can provide integrated care that leads to lasting sobriety and ongoing emotional healing. We focus on providing our clients with the life skills and coping mechanisms they need in order to handle any situation or emotion on their own, without returning to old, self-destructive behavior patterns. If you or someone you love has attempted to stay sober with little success, we are available to help.

Our Simple Admissions Process

At Guardian Recovery Network our team of dedicated substance abuse and mental health professionals have developed an admissions process that is as uncomplicated and straightforward as possible. Committing to a long-term program of clinical care can seem overwhelming in and of itself. By the time you or your loved one comes to a place of willingness, there is likely little emotional energy left to put towards intake plans, coverage options or safe and reliable transportation.

Fortunately, we are available to help every single step of the way. Contact us today and we will conduct a brief pre-assessment over the phone in a matter of minutes, which helps our clinical team determine which level of clinical care is the most appropriate, and which treatment services are going to be the most beneficial and effective. Next, we provide a free, no obligation health insurance benefit check if you or your loved one is currently insured. At Guardian Recovery Network we work closely with most major regional and national providers in order to make our program as accessible as possible. If you or your loved one is underinsured or entirely uninsured, we offer self-pay and private pay options. Finally we set a date and a time for intake and help smooth out travel plans. We are happy to arrange safe and reliable transportation whenever necessary.

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