It’s an unfortunate reality: The addiction treatment industry is fraught with unethical practices. It comes at an inconvenient time during which much of the nation, especially in Florida, Maine and New Jersey where Guardian Recovery Network has treatment facilities. These States are grappling with the devastating consequences of the opioid epidemic.

Guardian Recovery Network (GRN) adheres to the Code of Ethics laid forth by the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. We were founded upon an ethics-first approach, and we still adhere to that philosophy to this day. We will never compromise on our commitment to providing clients and their families the highest quality addiction treatment care available.

The Guardian Recovery Network Code of Ethics

  • At GRN, our marketing efforts highlight the programs and services we offer to prospective clients, families and health care professionals. We are not a brand that is motivated to sell. Rather, we want our programs and services to speak for themselves. GRN does not engage in any unethical, misleading or deceitful practices regarding marketing, advertising, public relations and promotional materials, nor do we advertise on fraudulent websites and online directories that serve as sources of misinformation.
  • Pricing for our programs and services is comprehensive, and any additional fees are clearly explained in writing prior to service. There are no hidden fees.
  • GRN does not make or receive any financial compensation for client referrals, nor do we support any programs that encourage these practices.
  • We encourage prospective clients, their families and referrers to visit GRN’s treatment centers and experience our community firsthand. Visiting us in person and interacting with our staff facilitates more accurate treatment decisions and patient referrals.
  • We reserve the right to use discretion. GRN does not admit clients who are clinically unfit for our community of care. We will, however, refer clients and their families to other programs better suited for their needs.
  • At GRN, we take great pride in having cultivated a treatment environment that harbors safety, comfort and community. The decision to discharge a client is a highly unusual circumstance, but one that will be made if deemed appropriate for the client and the treatment community.
  • Should a client withdraw from detoxification, residential, inpatient, or outpatient treatment services early for any reason, even if it is on his or her own volition, we will prorate the unused balance of any prepaid tuition, minus an administration fee, and issue a refund.
  • We take client privacy seriously. We do not use images, videos or personal testimonials unless a former client has granted us their explicit consent.
  • We believe that treatment environment and amenities are critical to a permanent recovery. Our treatment centers, common areas and bedrooms are cozy and comfortable; we offer gourmet kitchens fully stocked with healthy, fresh foods and a professional chef; we provide recreational amenities that get our clients out of the traditional treatment environment; and we always treat clients and their families with the utmost respect.

Clinically Sophisticated, Ethically Sound

To find a treatment center that truly advocates for you and your recovery, we encourage you to advocate for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about a treatment center’s policies and accreditations, or to confirm your insurance coverage separately. If you or someone you love is considering treatment, feel free to reach out to us. Contact a Guardian Recovery Specialist at 877.301.4673.

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