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Self-Pay Treatment Options

Once you have made the brave decision to reclaim your life and seek professional substance abuse treatment, the next step is determining which coverage option makes the most sense for you and your unique circumstances. At Guardian Recovery Network we work closely with most major regional and national health insurance providers in order to make our treatment services as accessible as possible. However, we recognize that men and women who have been battling active addiction often find themselves unable to keep up with monthly payments or maintain a career for any significant length of time, ultimately rendering their previous health insurance coverage invalid. For this reason we offer additional coverage options including self-pay and private pay. Do not let a lack of insurance prevent you or your loved one from seeking the help he or she needs. Regardless of your current financial circumstances, Guardian Recovery Network is available to help. For more information on all potential options, contact us today.

Private Pay Options for Addiction Treatment

If you are uninsured and considering self-pay options, you might be concerned about covering the entire value of medical detox and inpatient treatment out-of-pocket. At Guardian Recovery Network we understand how comprehensively devastating active addiction can be, especially when it comes to financial stability. So we will work with you to find a way to get you or your loved one the treatment they need. Here are a few options:

Zero-interest financing

The first option Guardian Recovery Network typically recommends is a zero-interest finance plan. Guardian Recovery Network has a relationship with M-Lend Financial that may be able to help. Clients and/or their families may be able to obtain interest-free financing for one year or low-interest fixed rate financing for two years (eligibility for either is determined by the lending company). Speak with one of our admissions team members about how to set up a consultation.

Medical Loans

Another option is seeking a personal medical loan from your bank or from another financial institution. Personal medical loans are unsecured, which means that no collateral is required. They can also be used to cover any essential medical services, including medical detox and substance abuse treatment.

Personal Loans

Another option for some individuals is to negotiate a personal loan from a family member or a close friend who is in good financial standing and is supportive of you or your loved one’s recovery. Seeking a personal loan can be a good option as you will likely not have to pay interest, and the duration of time over which the loan is paid off will possibly be more flexible. Of course, it is important to take into consideration the effects a loan might have on your relationship to the lender. Weigh those consequences against the weight of you or your loved one not getting treatment for their addiction. A personal loan might just save a life.

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Types of Addiction Treatment

Self-pay options typically come into play when a future client is underinsured or entirely uninsured, or when you or your loved one currently has an insurance plan that does not cover the specialized addiction treatment program required for full recovery. It is also possible that your benefits are maxed out — this might be the case if you or your loved one has received addiction treatment in the past (one or more times) and has not managed to stay sober.

If a rehab center offers self-pay options it essentially means they provide the option for you to cover the cost of treatment out-of-pocket. When looking into self-pay options it is important to understand that there are different fee structures for the various phases of care. In order to best determine which level of care you or your loved one needs, please give us a call for a brief assessment.

Types of Care Could Include:

In most cases we suggest that our clients begin with medically monitored detox, continue along with inpatient treatment (which generally lasts for between one and three months) and finish with a long-term program of continuing care (which often includes intensive outpatient and a transition into a sober living home). However, addiction is not a one-size-fits-all disease. The level of clinical care that best suits one individual might not be as appropriate for another.

At Guardian Recovery Network we remain dedicated to providing our clients with the most individualized care possible. The moment you or your loved one gives us a call we provide a brief pre-assessment over the phone, which consists of a series of questions and helps our clinical team determine which level of care is the most appropriate for each unique case. If you or your loved one is currently uninsured we also go over self-pay and private pay options in depth, exploring all options until we land on the option that works best for you.

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

The Cost of Treatment vs. The Value of Recovery

Sadly, the majority of men and women who are in desperate need of professional addiction treatment fail to seek the help they need because they believe they cannot afford the cost. But what is the cost of continuing one’s addiction? Continuing in addiction could cost someone their life. Or cause other horrendous harms. When considering coverage options it is important to honestly evaluate the cost of treatment versus the value of recovery. Active addiction is an expensive disease – not just in the sense that chemical substances can cost hundreds of dollars every day, but also lost opportunities, lost careers, lost children, lost self-esttem and a wide range of negative impacts. Entering into a long-term program of recovery is essentially investing in you or your loved one’s future. Addiction recovery is about much more than getting sober – it is about reaching one’s full potential and gaining a life worth living.

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Specialized Addiction Recovery

At Guardian Recovery Network we offer specialized addiction treatment services to men and women who are struggling with substance abuse and mental health. Our multi-phased continuum of clinical care was designed to tackle the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual implications of active addiction while providing clients with the life skills and coping mechanisms they need to maintain solid sobriety for the remainder of their lives. To learn more about all potential coverage options or to find out more information on self-pay and private pay, contact us today.

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