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Active addiction is a non-discriminatory disease. No matter who you are, where you come from or what kind of career you have in place, you are just as liable to fall victim to substance abuse and dependence as anyone else. However, this is not to say that the same program of clinical addiction treatment is appropriate for everyone. At Guardian Recovery Network we understand that different people have varying needs when it comes to addiction treatment – which is why we have developed a specialized Executive Program as part of our comprehensive curriculum of care. Our executive addiction treatment program is an ideal option for men and women who have high-profile careers that they cannot step away from for months at a time, but who are also suffering at the hands of a substance abuse disorder that must be treated in a professional setting. Our Executive Program allows for more flexibility and personal freedom than our traditional inpatient treatment program, and caters to the unique needs of individuals with high-profile careers or celebrity status.

Unfortunately, the majority of men and women who have demanding careers and who are struggling with a substance abuse disorder fail to seek the help they need. They might be concerned about confidentiality or about losing their career in its entirety if they choose to take a leave of absence in order to receive professional treatment. At Guardian Recovery Network we believe that comprehensive clinical care should be readily available to all those who need it regardless of their career. Our Executive Program provides clients with private bedrooms in which work responsibilities can be carried out remotely and private conference rooms with 24-hour access to computers, high-speed internet and telephones. We always prioritize discretion and confidentiality, and we offer travel support whenever necessary. Men and women who are a part of our Executive Program have access to fitness facilities and nutritious, chef-prepared meals – our main priority is ensuring that all individualized needs and requirements are being met.

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Executive Program Features

We offer the following features as part of our comprehensive Executive Program:

  • Around-the-clock access to work-related resources – We understand that there are some work-related functions that need to be taken care of and cannot be ignored. As part of our Executive Program we offer constant access to high-speed internet and fully functional computers, telephones, private rooms in which conference calls can be completed and privacy can be maintained.
  • Specialized case management services – Upon admission to our Executive Program each client is assigned a case manager who ensures that his or her personal work-related needs are being consistently met.
  • The ability to take care of work-related tasks and personal obligations throughout the day – We understand that things might come up unexpectedly, which is why we offer a level of flexibility that cannot be found in our traditional inpatient program.
  • A high level of privacy and confidentiality – We understand how important confidentiality is – especially to men and women in executive or celebrity positions. We provide comprehensive and discreet clinical care, making sure that all personal boundaries are being consistently respected.
  • A range of homestyle retreat amenities – In order for the individuals engaged in our Executive Program to maintain the lifestyles they are accustomed to, we offer a range of specialized amenities including private bedrooms, well-appointed common areas, access to fitness centers and chef-prepared meals.
  • Intensive and highly-focused treatment options – We understand that men and women who participate in our Executive Program might not have the ability to complete three full months of inpatient treatment (the duration that is generally recommended). For this reason we offer intensive and highly-focused clinical care geared towards delivering effective treatment in a limited amount of time.

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

  • A personalized and flexible aftercare program – When it comes to men and women in executive positions, aftercare is extremely important. We teach the importance of maintaining a balance between recovery and career and not neglecting any components of specially designed aftercare plans in lieu of work.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment options – It is not uncommon for men and women who are struggling with substance abuse and dependence to simultaneously struggle with undiagnosed or untreated mental health conditions. We offer comprehensive psychiatric care – including medication management – to those in need.

Individualized Care Based On Your Needs

We offer comprehensive treatment options to a range of working professionals, including:

  • Men and women in high-powered positions in major corporations, like Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Chief Operating Officers (COOs), Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) – An article published by Forbes explains the connection between substance abuse and men and women in high-powered executive positions. In addition to extremely high stress levels and other potential triggers, it has been found that men and women in positions of professional power have a higher propensity to engage in risk-taking behaviors, have a strong desire and drive for success and are highly dedicated – which can lead to obsessive tendencies. The very qualities that lead to success in the workplace can also lead to substance abuse and dependence.
  • Emergency first responders – According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, it is estimated that 72 percent of EMTs suffer from sleep deprivation, 36 percent of EMS workers suffer from depression and over 20 percent of EMTs suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. All of these underlying issues put them at increased risk of substance abuse and dependence. At Guardian Recovery Network we have extensive experience working with emergency first responders who have developed substance abuse disorders.

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  • Doctors, nurses and clinicians – According to the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, approximately 10 to 12 percent of all physicians develop a substance abuse disorder over the course of their careers. According to the article, “Although physicians’ elevated social status brings many tangible and intangible rewards, it also has an isolating effect when they are confronted with a disease such as addiction, which has a social stigma. This isolation can lead to disastrous consequences, both in delaying the recognition of and in intervening in the disease process, as well as in the attendant risk of death by inadvertent overdose or suicide.” Medical professionals also have access to a range of addictive substances, increasing the propensity for substance abuse even more.
  • Celebrities such as professional athletes, actors and well-known personalities – According to an article published by Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention and Policy, there were 220 celebrity deaths attributed to substance abuse between the years 1970 and 2015. Of these fatalities the average age of death was 38 years old, and 75 percent were male. At Guardian Recovery Network we offer age and demographic-specific treatment options as part of our Executive Program, providing an even more focused curriculum of care.

The Benefits of Flexible Care

One of the main issues that working professionals face is maintaining a balance between their personal lives and their careers. At Guardian Recovery Network we teach our clients to keep up with recovery without compromising their workloads or falling behind. We teach balance by offering a flexible program of clinical care and exemplifying – firsthand – how sobriety can be bolstered while personal obligations are simultaneously being taken care of. We understand that recovery looks different for everyone and we are dedicated to helping each of our clients identify what works best for them.

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