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At Guardian Recovery Network we work closely with major regional health insurance providers like Cofinity in order to make our addiction treatment services as accessible as possible to those in need. We understand that dealing with the financial components of addiction treatment can seem overwhelming, and that committing to a long-term program of addiction recovery is daunting in and of itself. For this reason we provide free, no obligation health insurance benefit checks in order to help you and your loved one determine how much of our treatment services are covered by your current plan.

Cofinity, Inc. is a subsidiary of Aetna. More than 200 insurance companies and health plans currently utilize services provided by Cofinity, and these services include medical management, access to a number of medical and dental networks, transplant networks and out-of-network claims management. Cofinity is a leading regional network that is dedicated to providing men, women and families with quality healthcare services at an affordable cost. Some of the cost-saving solutions offered by this specific provider include urban, suburban and rural access, simple implementation and administration and strong regional networks in Colorado and Michigan.

Does Cofinity Cover Addiction Treatment?

Mental health and behavioral health services — like medical detox and substance abuse treatment — are considered essential health care services by most major regional and national providers. This means that addiction treatment and the services provided by drug and alcohol rehabs must be at least partially covered by health care providers such as Cofinity. Your specific benefits depend heavily on the state you are in and the health care plan you choose, but services that must be at least partially covered include:

  • Behavioral health treatment services including individual and group psychotherapy sessions and drug addiction counseling
  • Inpatient addiction treatment services and inpatient dual diagnosis services
  • Numerous other treatment options and services geared towards addiction treatment

The Affordable Care Act and In-Network Coverage

Up until recently, mental health concerns and physical health concerns were considered separate. As of 2014, however, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law by the Obama administration. The ACA requires most health insurance plans to cover mental health services and substance abuse and addiction treatment.

According to, “Medicaid Alternative Benefit Plans also must cover mental health and substance use disorder services. These plans must have coverage of essential health benefits, which include 10 categories of benefits as defined under the health care law. One of those categories is mental health and substance use disorder services. Another is rehabilitative and habilitative services. Additionally, these plans must comply with mental health and substance use parity requirements, as set forth in MHPAEA, meaning coverage for mental health and substance abuse services generally cannot be more restrictive than coverage for medical and surgical services.”

Essentially, this means that recovery-related services like those offered by Guardian Recovery Network must be covered by major health insurance providers like Cofinity.

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Covering the Cost of Addiction Treatment

We understand that covering the cost of addiction treatment might seem overwhelming at first, and a lack of knowledge regarding available resources does drive many away from seeking the professional clinical care that they so desperately need and deserve. At Guardian Recovery Network one of our main priorities is ensuring that quality care is easily accessible. In order to ensure this we work very closely with many major insurance providers like Cofinity Health Insurance. However, we also understand that individuals who have been grappling with substance abuse for an extended period of time rarely have the wherewithal to keep up with health insurance payments or keep their finances in order. For this reason, we work closely with individuals who are underinsured or uninsured to come up with viable coverage alternatives. Do not let financial concerns prevent you from receiving the help you need — reach out to us today and we will do everything in our power to get you started on your personal recovery journey as quickly as possible.

Types of Clinical Care

At Guardian Recovery Network we provide men and women of all ages and walks of life with a comprehensive program of clinical care. The levels of clinical care we provide are often covered either partially or in full by most major regional or national health insurance providers, including Cofinity, Inc. The level of clinical care that you or your loved one requires is heavily dependent on several factors, including how severe the substance abuse disorder has become, whether or not there are any undiagnosed or untreated mental illnesses and whether or not long-term sobriety has been previously maintained. For example, men and women who have been struggling with a moderate or severe substance abuse disorder and an untreated mental illness require medical detox, inpatient dual diagnosis treatment and long-term aftercare. An individual who is struggling with a mild substance use disorder that has not yet resulted in any serious consequences might benefit from IOP as a standalone treatment option. To learn more about which level of care is right for you or your loved one, call Guardian Recovery Network today.

Our multi-phased continuum of clinical care includes the following:

  • Medically monitored detox
  • Inpatient addiction treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Thorough aftercare planning

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

Services Covered by Cofinity Health Insurance

At Guardian Recovery Network we offer a wide range of comprehensive and highly individualized treatment services in Colorado, Florida, Maine, New Hampshire and New Jersey. Cofinity health care generally covers some or all of these treatment services. The services we provide include:

  • Case management – Upon admission to any one of our treatment programs, every client is paired with a case manager who will walk him or her through every stage of the recovery process. Case managers serve as client advocates and as the main point of contact between the loved ones of each client and the clinical team. Case managers keep the loved ones of each client informed of their progress and of all treatment plans and personal recovery goals as they develop.
  • In-depth clinical and medical assessments – Within the first 24 hours of treatment admission each client undergoes an in-depth clinical and medical assessment. This helps our clinical and medical teams determine which level of care is the most appropriate and which addiction services best serve each unique case. At Guardian Recovery Network we put a strong emphasis on individualized and extremely focused care, and conducting these assessments helps make the recovery process as personalized as possible from start to finish.
  • Intervention services – Addiction is a disease deeply rooted in denial, and because of this it can be difficult to convince a loved one that he or she needs professional help (even if the need for treatment has become exceedingly clear to everyone else). If you have an addicted loved one that has been refusing to enter into a treatment program, we are available to help. We work closely with several licensed and experienced interventionists who will help you organize and stage an intervention geared towards helping you get your loved one the help he or she desperately needs.

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  • Individual and group therapy – At Guardian Recovery Network every single stage of our addiction treatment program is deeply rooted in therapeutic intervention. In order for treatment to be truly effective it must combine individual and group therapy (behavioral therapy) with 12-step program involvement and Medication Assisted Treatment. Clients have access to individual therapy sessions at least once every week, and they have access to multiple group therapy sessions and group workshops every single day.
  • Family therapy and other family-oriented services – We believe that the loved ones of our clients should be heavily involved in every stage of the recovery process. We also understand that addiction is a family disease that deeply affects everyone involved – which is why we offer family therapy facilitated by licensed professionals and Family Retreat Workshops geared towards reversing familial dysfunction and healing the family unit as a whole.
  • 12-step program immersion – Alcoholics Anonymous is an extremely beneficial tool when it comes to staying sober long-term. In addition to encouraging 12-step program involvement and offering our clients the opportunity to participate in on-site and off-site meetings, we provide a thorough education on the 12-step model of recovery by breaking down every step individually.
  • Aftercare monitoring services – Treatment is the first step on the road to recovery, but in order to be truly effective it must be followed up with long-term aftercare. We offer personalized aftercare planning and routine follow-ups to ensure our past clients are staying on the right track.
  • Relapse prevention training – Relapse prevention training is crucial to the maintenance of sobriety. We help our clients identify their personal relapse triggers and work through these triggers with healthy coping mechanisms
  • Vocational training – We assist our clients in finding an appropriate job and maintaining this job.

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    At Guardian Recovery Network our admissions process is simple and straightforward in order to alleviate the stress that our clients and their loved ones are likely to feel at this point in the recovery process. As soon as you call we conduct a brief pre-assessment which helps our clinical team determine which level of clinical care and which personalized recovery services best suit you and your personal requirements. We ask a series of non-invasive personal questions, including things like, “When did you start using chemical substances?” “Do you have a personal history of any dual diagnosis mental health disorder?” “Have you previously participated in a higher level of clinical care?” Once we determine that Guardian Recovery Network is a good fit for you we conduct a free, no obligation insurance benefit check. This entire process is brief, and once it is complete we get to work setting a date and a time for intake. To learn more about our integrated recovery program or to begin the admissions process, contact us today.