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Have questions about Guardian Recovery Network or the addiction recovery process in general? We have answers! In addition to providing world-class addiction treatment & detoxification services we make it our mission to educate families and those struggling about the disease of addiction. If you have additional question please give us a call at (888) 693-1872 and one of our Treatment Advisors will be happy to help.

Before you or your loved one makes the decision to start detoxification and rehabilitation you may have some questions. Below is a list of frequently asked questions about our services that can help you with your decision.


Yes! We work with most major insurance providers. We offer free no-obligation insurance benefit checks for those who are interested in our program. Our admissions team will speak with your insurer and get a detailed verification of your insurance benefits and share those details with you. Unfortunately medicaid and medicare do not cover our facilities.

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Guardian Recovery Network has facilities in multiple states. You can search our treatment facilities here.

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Often traveling out of your home town is the best option for treatment. The temptation to leave early and relapse is much lower when you are away from the people and places that are associated with your substance abuse. Guardian Recovery Network offers a complimentary car service for individuals in the surrounding areas who are inserted in coming to the program. If needed we will even schedule and book a flight for you so that you can safely and comfortably reach our facility for your recovery.

Admissions is quick and easy. Once you call our admissions team one of our dedicated counselors will perform a pre-assessment over the phone . This takes about 10 minutes and just makes sure Guardian Recovery Network is the best fit for you or your loved ones individual needs. After the assessment we will verify insurance benefits and arrange a time for your intake (this can be as quick as 30 minutes from the initial call). If you need a ride to the facility we will dispatch one of our drivers to pick you up and you will begin your recovery at our facility. It is that easy.

Once admitted to our program, clients are encouraged to complete a Release of Information (ROI) form for friends, family, employers, etc. Due to HIPPA laws we are not allowed to confirm or deny any patient’s attendance at our facility without a signed release of information. These laws are in place to protect the privacy of those who are seeking help. If your loved one did not complete an ROI, what we can do is take down your name and information as well as any message you have. If the person you are needing to contact is at our facility we will make sure they receive the message as soon as possible and ask to set-up a ROI for you.

We offer programs lengths individualized for each client. Read more about the different stages of our recovery here.

During detox access to laptops and cell phones are restricted, after detox they are allowed if approved by clinicians. However, special arrangements can be made for individuals who need to conduct business or important personal matters during detox. For clients who are self employed, we do offer an executive program that allows for cellphone and laptop access in certain cases during business hours.

While we strongly discourage leaving before treatment completion. However, clients in our programs are there voluntarily and may leave when they want.

Clients who need to take off work to attend treatment may be eligible for the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). FMLA ensures that you will not be terminated while taking a leave of absences from work to attend treatment. Our admissions and case management staff can help with setting up any FMLA paperwork. For clients who are self employed, we do offer an executive program that allows for cellphone and laptop access in certain cases during business hours.

We do offer private bedrooms, however these rooms are on a first come first serve basis.

Yes. Tobacco products are allowed in our facility. However some of our programs do not allow electronic cigarettes (vapes). Please check with our Treatment Advisors about specific facility rules.

Absolutely. We understand that addiction affects the entire family system and encourage families to participate in their loved one’s treatment. To help families recover we also offer intervention services, case management, and family workshops.

Yes. We believe in complete and total confidentiality and privacy for all of our clients. We take extra measures to make sure we go above and beyond HIPAA and health privacy standards. If you are concerned about specific privacy requirements please feel free to reach out and we can answer your questions.

The Guardian Recovery Network detoxification and recovery cost can be covered by most health insurance companies. If you are uninsured or underinsured, Guardian Recovery Network will create a customized payment plan based on your individual needs and length of stay.

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If you’re wondering if you or your loved one needs treatment chances are someone needs help.  Before admission into our program we offer a pre-assessment to determine if clients meet criteria for admissions to treatment. To complete a complementary pre-assessment please contact our admissions department.

During detox, medication is used to ease withdrawal from the drugs or alcohol that clients have been using. The types of medication used are determined by our medical team based on the needs of the client. Common medications used for opiate detox are Suboxone and clonidine. Alcohol and benzodiazepines are commonly detoxed using librium, gabapentin and baclofen. Clients will also see a Psychiatrist and medical team throughout their time in our programs, where any mental health and medical issues can be treated with medication if needed. Following detox, medications are sometimes prescribed to reduce cravings and prevent relapse. You can read more about Guardian’s medication assisted treatment here.

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