Families and friends of an individual battling addiction or substance abuse just want their loved one to get help, but that’s easier said than done. If you’ve attempted interventions in the past, you may know firsthand how quickly those conversations can devolve and cause your loved one to spiral even more out of control.

An individual dealing with substance abuse may be in denial. They may be unable to comprehend the gravity of their situation and how they are not only harming themselves but their family and friends too. But there is hope. Recovery is possible, and it starts with an intervention.

The best way to ensure your loved one’s recovery is by staging a professional intervention. Guardian Recovery Network has decades of experience performing professional addiction and substance abuse interventions that encourage individuals to enter treatment.

Addiction & Substance Abuse Intervention Experts
There is no “right” way to stage an intervention, but there are things you can do to increase the likelihood of your loved one agreeing to treatment, such as staging a professional intervention. Guardian Recovery Network’s Lead Interventionist Joshua Scott and his team of Intervention Specialists have conducted many successful interventions across the United States. We use an evidence-based approach that inspires individuals to accept help. We’re proud to have earned a 98% success rate.

Dr. Scott and the Intervention Team travel throughout the country and work with family and friends of loved ones struggling with addiction and substance abuse. With decades of experience and empathy–many of us have struggled with addiction personally or within our own families–we know exactly what it takes to inspire your loved one to get the help they need.


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How an Addiction Intervention Works

If you’re thinking about staging a professional intervention for your loved one, you’ve likely reached the end of your rope and don’t know where to turn. Guardian Recovery Network is your advocate for addiction recovery. We attribute our success to our individualized approach to interventions because we know no two clients are alike.

The foundation of an addiction or substance abuse intervention with Guardian Recovery Network is rooted in:

  • Preparation by a fully trained and licensed Intervention Specialist. We take time to get to know the family and prepare an intervention plan that takes participants, the location and the most effective approach into account. Since treatment is the goal, the Intervention Specialist also organizes admission and transportation to a treatment facility that suits the individual’s needs and financial situation.
  • Education for participants. Family and friends might know what their loved one is going through, but they don’t fully understand dependency and the disease of addiction. In addition to addiction education, participants are also briefed on healthy coping behaviors and how they can support their loved one moving forward.
  • Supervision during the actual intervention. An Intervention Specialist who has no emotional attachment to the situation is able to help everyone communicate more clearly and understand one another’s perspectives.
  • Travel planning, should the individual accept treatment.

Ensure Your Loved One’s Recovery

Staging a successful intervention without professional help is an incredible challenge. Guardian Recovery Network has decades of expertise, and our Intervention Team can help. Let us motivate your loved one to accept the help they deserve. Learn more about our addiction and substance abuse intervention services by calling 877-831-2533 or contact us online.