Successful completion of Guardian’s residential or outpatient rehab establishes a recovery roadmap for men and women emerging from the chaos of addiction or mental illness. This map marks a defined path based on scientific evidence, the principles of AA’s 12-step program and the personal success of staff members who have traveled the same route to confident recovery.

As you embark on your own road to healing, you’ll encounter stress and temptations that detour your progress and attempt to lure you back to substance use. Guardian Recovery Network’s aftercare monitoring program helps you stay resolutely on your journey during the first year after rehab, when most individuals are most vulnerable.

Support for Families Throughout the Continuum of Care

Guardian’s aftercare monitoring program lends powerful support to clients and families as an individual leaves rehab and assimilates back into “normal life.” Our aftercare program includes these features:

  • 12 months of case monitoring & support: During the months after rehab, clients face challenges that could easily lead to relapse. Guardian aftercare monitoring minimizes this risk with weekly progress calls and coordinated communication between you, your family and your professional support network. Our case-monitoring program also provides around the clock telephone support, as well as an online portal accessible to you, your family and your designated providers.
  • Sober living placement: Many clients leave rehab lacking the confidence to face everyday temptations. For these individuals, Guardian Recovery Network maintains a working relationship with a number of sober living communities. We help families choose a transitional community that fits a client’s needs; then we coordinate enrollment.
  • Structured job skills & placement program: Finding and keeping a job in the months after rehab is a critical piece of the puzzle. It reinforces your newly developed empowerment and helps you develop the self-sufficiency needed to sustain recovery. As part of our aftercare monitoring, Guardian Recovery Network offers job placement services, resume guidance, and interview preparation.
  • Alumni program: A unique feature of Guardian’s aftercare monitoring is our strong alumni involvement. We hold free alumni workshops and meetings with clinical staff three times a week in some facility locations. These gatherings provide positive recovery connections and valuable ongoing client-staff interaction.

Get Support for Today & Hope for Tomorrow

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Monitoring & Assessing Treatment Progress

Clients encounter many pitfalls as they progress through the recovery process. Through it all, Guardian case managers provide monitoring and oversight that gives clients clear objectives and helps them to stay on track with clinical treatment. We also evaluate program effectiveness and make necessary adjustments as individuals move from one recovery phase to the next. Additional case management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring medications & appointments
  • Drug testing & check-ins
  • Tracking progress through the continuum of care
  • Communicating with providers & family
  • Advocating for the patient
  • Coordinating support activities & modalities
  • Providing 24/7 patient support

Facilitating Family Involvement & Healing

During the lengthy recovery process, concerned family members have little contact with a treated individual. Guardian case management eases their minds by providing a welcome link through weekly phone calls and innovative online case monitoring. We also coordinate family support and counseling that helps to mend damaged relationships and change enabling family dynamics.

Elevating Treatment Standards for Substance Misuse & Dual Diagnoses

Without a comprehensive recovery plan and structured clinical support, recovery success can be elusive. At Guardian Recovery Network, our goal is to make long-term healing and sobriety a reality for your loved one. Call 877-301-4673 to connect with our nationwide network of affiliated addiction treatment centers, where we offer clinically centered care, proven support modalities and focused healing that ensures treatment success.