CuraWest, part of the Guardian Recovery Network, has earned the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission is a third-party accreditation company that certifies more than 20,000 health care organizations and programs across the U.S. The Commission evaluates addiction treatment centers based on their quality of services, patient care, safety, environment, ethics, medication practices, staff credentials, leadership and evidence-based treatment outcomes. To receive the Gold Seal of Approval is one of the highest honors a medical detoxification center can earn. It ensures that every client who seeks treatment at a Gold Seal facility like CuraWest is guaranteed the highest quality of care available.

At Guardian Recovery Network we understand how daunting picking a detox center for yourself or your loved one can be. There seem to be endless options, yet choosing the right facility is critical to overcoming addiction and getting started on the path to lifelong recovery. We hope that the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval will help assure you that when you seek treatment at CuraWest or any other Guardian Recovery Network facilities you will consistently receive the most effective and individualized care available.

CuraWest Certified Colorado Addiction Detox and Recovery Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval

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The Process of Receiving the Joint Commission Seal of Approval

As part of the Guardian Recovery Network, CuraWest has always held itself to the highest clinical standards. Receiving the Seal of Approval confirms our practices are among the best and most effective in the country. Mike Rocks, Director of Licensing and Compliance with Guardian Recovery Network, explains the process of receiving the Joint Commission Seal of Approval.

CuraWest is our newest facility and, as such, is the product of all of our best design aspects, comforts and amenities, procedural practices, and infrastructure plans,” says Rocks. “It is also custom-built to Joint Commission standards both in physical plant design, management and clinical practice. The Joint Commission Gold Seal is representative of our facility’s endeavor to minimize risk, increase client safety, and provide the highest quality services to our clientele. A Joint Commission survey is the final step in plant and program design that encompasses: treatment and services, medication management, human resources, life safety, environment of care, leadership, client rights, records management, infection control, emergency management, and performance improvement. There are over 1500 EPs, or Elements of Performance, by which the Joint Commission survey measures applicants. Through the hard work of our direct care staff and the guidance of our leadership, CuraWest proved to be compliant in 100 percent of these measures, thus earning them the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval.”

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

Rocks states the current CuraWest medical standards are designed to exceed all state and Joint Commission requirements. “The facility provides 24-hour nursing care, daily client one-on-ones with medical providers licensed in addictions, internal medicine, and psychiatry,” he says. “Our Medical Director, Dr. Steven Mays, is a Colorado board certified Psychiatrist. Our detox medication protocols are designed for maximum efficacy and comfort and are customized to each individual client’s needs. Client protocols are reviewed daily and adjusted as necessary to increase their effectiveness.”

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More About CuraWest’s Integrated Medical Detox Program & Guardian Recovery Network

CuraWest is a medical detox center located in Denver, Colorado. Since the center first opened its doors, the medical and clinical staff members have been providing people of all ages and walks of life with the services they need to undergo a safe and comfortable drug and alcohol withdrawal. We focus on adequately preparing clients for the next stage of their personal recovery journeys, no matter what that looks like. CuraWest does much more than help clients undergo a pain-free withdrawal in a closely monitored environment; the center focuses on mental and emotional healing as well as physical stabilization while laying a solid foundation for continued success in sobriety. At Guardian Recovery Network we are dedicated to ensuring professional detox and treatment services remain as accessible as possible. We have developed an uncomplicated admissions process which can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. To learn more about CuraWest’s individualized detox program, to learn more about Guardian Recovery Network as a whole or to get started with our simple and straightforward admissions process, contact us today.

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