Getting your loved one to accept treatment for their mental illness can be a challenge, especially if they aren’t aware or accepting of their illness. You may witness firsthand how their mental illness has affected their day-to-day functioning, their ability to care for themselves, their performance at work or school, and their relationships.

You may feel worried about your loved one’s well-being, or even embarrassed about what others might think about them. It’s important to remember that mental illness is just that: an illness. There is no reason to be ashamed of your loved one’s mental illness, just like you wouldn’t be ashamed of their heart condition or diabetes. These are all conditions that can be managed.

Being a family member or friend of someone struggling with mental illness can feel isolating, but you aren’t alone. Partner with Guardian Recovery Network to stage a professional mental illness intervention that guides your loved one toward treatment.

Expert Mental Health Interventionists

If you’ve tried to have an intervention in the past, you understand how quickly it can go awry. A professional intervention provides a clear-cut path and increases the probability of your loved one’s decision to enter treatment.

Guardian Recovery Network Lead Interventionist Joshua Scott and his team of Intervention Specialists have performed countless successful interventions using an evidence-based approach that inspires individuals to accept treatment–so many that we have earned a 98% success rate. We’re confident in the efficacy of our intervention program, and we want to share it with others. That’s why Dr. Scott and his team travel across the United States to perform interventions with families just like yours.

The presence and guidance of an objective third-party like a Guardian Interventionist facilitate a healthy, productive conversation that allows all participants to express their feelings. We provide support for everyone involved: you, your loved one and your entire family.

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Guiding Your Loved One Toward Recovery

Clients who choose to stage a professional mental health intervention with Guardian Recovery Network start preparing immediately. Our thorough, individualized planning process allows us to identify the most effective ways to connect with your loved one and guide them toward treatment.

A Guardian Recovery Network mental health intervention includes a combination of:

  • Planning and preparation by an Intervention Specialist. We spend time getting to understand your family and your loved one’s needs and design a plan that considers participants, intervention setting, and the most effective evidence-based approach. Since we also want to make the transition from intervention to treatment seamless, the Intervention Specialist will handle admission and transportation to a treatment center that complies with the individual’s areas of concern and financial situation. Having treatment options to offer your loved one increases their likelihood of entering treatment.
  • Training for intervention participants. Your Intervention Specialist will work with you to help you understand your loved one’s mental illness, teach you ways to motivate and support your loved one, and equip you with tools that lead to long-term growth and healing. They will also help you understand what to expect.
  • Guidance during the actual intervention so participants can express their feelings in a productive way.
  • Transportation for the individual who agrees to seek treatment.

Ready to Stage a Successful Intervention?

For your loved one to get help, they have to be willing to get help. The presence of a professional Intervention Specialist will help accelerate their care. Guardian Recovery Network is ready to help your loved one heal. Call us at 877-831-2533 or contact us online to learn more about our professional mental health intervention services.