Though men and women trapped by drug and alcohol addiction or mental and behavioral health disorders feel isolated and alone, their struggles impact everyone around them—especially family members. As substance dependency and behavioral changes escalate, families are left to sort through the ashes of anger, despair and hopeless. When relational interactions become increasingly distorted, deep communication rifts and unhealthy enabling behaviors take center stage.

Healing Family Wounds With the Guardian Team

While an addicted loved one is in rehab, the family must also begin to heal. Family wounds could be raw, or they may have scarred over after years of codependency and enabling. To rebuild healthy family interactions, heal still-open wounds and break codependencies, Guardian Recovery Network offers intensive workshops for family members.

As part of our Intensive Outpatient Program, family workshops are conducted by trained professionals versed in the relational problems caused by substance misuse and behavioral disorders. Discussions and exercises help families more clearly understand the role that chemical dependency has played in their lives and helps them prepare for upcoming recovery challenges. Topics covered during family counseling include:

  • Understanding substance misuse, dual diagnoses & mental health disorders
  • Exploring family roles & family restructuring
  • Improving relational communication
  • Showing respect & rebuilding trust
  • Confronting addiction triggers & planning for aftercare
  • Setting appropriate boundaries
  • Building a network of support

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Healthy Family Support: A Recovery Asset

Early recovery is a painful time when your family member may battle loneliness, self-doubt and wavering resolve. Encouragement from their support network can renew determination and restore faith in the hard work of rehab. This vulnerable time for your loved one may also be tough on family members who worry that dependency has created a gulf that’s not easily bridged. Guardian Recovery Network understands the value of family involvement in recovery and encourages participation by offering:

  • Weekly case management updates
  • Family guidance & support
  • Intensive family workshops
  • Advocacy for substance misuse & co-occurring disorders
  • Advocacy for non-substance-related mental & behavioral health conditions

To speak with a Guardian team member now, call 877-301-4673 or connect confidentially online. As you embark on your healing journey, we stand by you with support for today—and hope for tomorrow.