The seduction of alcohol and drugs begins with a siren’s song of comfort and well-being that lures you into the dangerous waters of physical dependence—and spiritual emptiness. By the time you become aware of your plight, your body is firmly in the grasp of the addictive substance, and you will need help to reclaim it. Guardian Recovery Network’s detox program gives you safe harbor and a guiding light as you free yourself from the physical ravages of substance misuse.

Medical Management Guides Detoxification

Drugs and alcohol make physical changes in your body and alter your thinking. Before rehab’s healing and spiritual reawakening can begin, your health must be stabilized and all chemical traces must be cleansed away. Guardian Recovery Network prioritizes your comfort and safety during this first step away from addiction, offering medically supervised detoxification in the sanctuary of our modern Florida, Maine and New Jersey addiction treatment centers.

Acting as your advocate and champion, Guardian is elevating treatment standards with these proven detox services:

  • Comfortable withdrawal managed by the area’s top physicians, nurses and addiction therapists.
  • Dignified treatment with open communication and caring support from people who have walked the road to recovery.
  • Use of safe, effective medical interventions, when necessary, to ease withdrawal symptoms.
  • Clinically sophisticated therapy for substance misuse, mental health conditions and dual diagnosis treatment.
  • Individualized treatment plans, including stay lengths tailored to your needs.
  • Integrated 12-step fusion approach founded on Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book® program.
  • Supportive alternative therapies, including exercise and recreation, spiritual practices and strategies to control cravings.
  • Nutritional therapy and healthy, tasteful chef-prepared meals.
  • Modern, well-appointed living quarters with flat-screen TVs, luxury linens, well-equipped gathering areas and private bedroom retreats.
  • Opportunities for outdoor recreation along beachfronts, wetlands, bicycle trails and coastal regions.

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Reinventing Your Future With Guardian Network

At Guardian Recovery Network, we provide support for today—and hope for tomorrow. Cleansing your body of the toxic effects of addictive drugs and alcohol is the start of your path to self-awareness and fulfillment. Once physical symptoms are halted, you’ll sort through painful emotions and deconstruct false narratives with new clarity of mind. Along the way, you’ll learn to access your authentic emotions and thoughts: reawakening your purpose and joy in living.

Drug Detox Florida and Maine

Guardian Recovery Network is your advocate for clinically centered care, and we believe every individual deserves a thriving future. Call 877-301-4673 to speak with a caring Guardian team member now. For your privacy and convenience, you can also connect with us online, 24 hours a day.