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Addiction is a baffling condition, especially for the friends and family members of addicts or alcoholics who just don’t understand why their loved one can’t “just stop.” There has been a longstanding misconception that addiction is merely a lack of willpower, or is a choice an in individual has control over. These misunderstandings have extremely detrimental effects. Not only does it create a great amount of shame for the addicted individual, it also means that the friends and families of an addicted person often take it personally that their loved one doesn’t quit.

Learning about addiction — what it actually is and how best to treat it  — is critical to overcoming it. In this article series we turn to the experts — those who have a wealth of experience in the field of addiction treatment — to enlighten us with their knowledge.

  • How to Stop a Panic Attack

How to Stop a Panic Attack Without Medication

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How to Deal With Panic Attacks in Recovery 6 Methods for Stopping a Panic Attack Without Medication What’s the difference between anxiety and panic attacks? How can I stop a panic attack once ...

  • Guardian Recovery Network's Chief Clinical Officer Ryan Soave launches therapy podcast called "Breakthrough."

Guardian’s Chief Clinical Officer Launches Podcast

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Guardian Recovery News CCO Ryan Soave Launches "Breakthrough" In July Guardian Recovery Network’s Chief Clinical Officer Ryan Soave launched an exclusive new podcast in partnership with The Podcast App. The podcast, called “Breakthrough,” ...

  • Tips for how to help a family member struggling with addiction.

Ask the Experts – How to Help a Family Member Struggling with Addiction

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Ask the Experts How Do I Help a Loved One Struggling with Addiction? If you have a family member who has been struggling with substance abuse or dependence, it’s ...

  • best foods to eat in early recovery

Best Foods to Eat While in Early Recovery

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Early Recovery and Nutrition Active addiction does a serious number on the physical body. The National Institute on Drug Abuse suggests that some of the more common health-related consequences associated with active addiction include ...

  • Do Mental Health Issues Cause Addiction?

Do Mental Health Issues Cause Addiction?

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There has always been a very strong link between mental health and addiction. Up until recently, when an individual presented symptoms of a mental health condition and of a substance abuse disorder, the two ...

  • Effectiveness of AA 12 Step Program

Study Report: The Effectiveness of Alcoholics Anonymous and Other 12‐step Programs for Alcohol Use Disorder

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On March 11, the study entitled “Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 step programs for alcohol use disorder” and published by the Cochrane Library was updated with new information. Researchers John F. Kelly, Keith Humphreys ...