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The Length of Addiction Treatment

The length of addiction treatment varies significantly on a case-by-case basis. Because everyone faces a unique set of challenges and because every experience with active addiction is entirely different, a variety of factors affect the general addiction treatment timeline. These factors might include the presence of mental illness or unresolved trauma, the type of substance being used, the length and severity of the substance use disorder and whether or not recovery has been attempted in the past. At Guardian Recovery Network we believe in the benefits of completing a specific continuum of clinical care, beginning with medical detox, continuing with residential rehab, partial hospitalization or outpatient treatment and concluding with sober living and aftercare. We also believe in providing each individual client with a highly personalized treatment plan. No two experiences with active addiction are the same, and no two treatment processes should be identical. We take all unique needs into account and develop a treatment plan that sets you or your loved one up for continued success in sobriety. To learn more about Guardian Recovery Network or to begin your own personal journey of addiction recovery, contact us today.

Addiction Treatment Timeline

There are many benefits that go hand in hand with a full continuum of clinical care. Not only is the treatment outcome significantly improved, but risk of relapse is reduced. Underlying issues are thoroughly worked through and clients have the opportunity to adjust to their new lives in sobriety as they navigate related challenges with additional support. In most cases the treatment timeline will look like:

  • Medical Detox – During medical detox the client is physically stabilized as they undergo drug or alcohol withdrawal in a medically monitored setting. The length of detox depends on the type of substance being used and the severity of the substance use disorder. In most cases medical detox lasts for between three days (minimum) and two weeks (maximum).
  • Residential Inpatient Treatment – During residential inpatient treatment a client undergoes intensive therapy as the underlying causes of addiction are unearthed and addressed. Most stays in inpatient rehab last for a minimum of 28 days and a maximum of three months, depending on how complex and severe the substance use disorder is.
  • Partial HospitalizationPHP can serve as a step-down level of clinical care or as a standalone treatment option. Most stays in PHP last for between one and two months. Clients continue with intensive therapy and have access to a range of addiction services, but they have slightly more personal freedom seeing as they return home (or to their sober living house) every evening once therapeutic groups conclude.
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment – Like PHP, IOP often lasts for between three and six months depending on the unique needs of each individual client. Clients have slightly more personal freedom, seeing as groups meet five days a week for several hours each day. Clients can attend school part-time or maintain a part-time job while engaged in IOP.
  • Outpatient Treatment – OP is the final level of treatment before a client transitions back into fully independent living. OP can last for anywhere between one and six months based on clinical need.
  • Sober Living – Many clients choose to transition into a sober living house directly after inpatient rehab. At Guardian Recovery Network we don’t currently have any sober homes, though we work directly with reputable sober living houses across the country and will gladly help with placement.

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How Long is Detox?

The initial step on most journeys of long-term sobriety is admission to a medically assisted detoxification center. Those who have been using drugs or alcohol for an extended period of time will almost always undergo some degree of withdrawal upon cessation of use. More often than not, the symptoms of withdrawal will lead a person back to use before the detoxification process is over. Because of this, and because withdrawal can pose serious health risks if not medically monitored, attending a medical detox is important. At Guardian Recovery Network we offer our clients a comprehensive and comfortable detox program. During detox, we conduct an individualized, in-depth evaluation which helps us determine the length of stay, what kind of medical intervention is necessary and the next steps for our clients once they become physically stabilized.

In most cases detox lasts for between three days and two weeks, and the length of stay depends on several factors including the severity of the substance use disorder, the type of substance(s) being used and the presence of pre-existing mental or physical health concerns. Clients withdrawing from opioids, stimulant drugs or marijuana typically require a shorter stay than clients withdrawing from benzodiazepines or alcohol.

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How Long is Residential Addiction Treatment?

Residential inpatient treatment is an immersive model of treatment where clients come to live amongst other sober peers and participate in a daily treatment program in a facility that is professionally staffed by medical professionals, licensed therapists, group facilitators and support staff. Clients participate in a daily schedule packed full of recovery related activities including group therapy, individual therapy, recovery meetings, educational workshops, life skills courses, recreational therapy, social activities, yoga, meditation and at some of our centers, 12-Step work.

How long is addiction treatment for drug and alcohol addiction

At Guardian Recovery Network facilities, our residential inpatient programs typically last between 28-60 days, but length of stay varies person-to-person. Clients with dual diagnosis disorders might require 90 days — the same goes for clients who have been through treatment repeatedly and who have had a particularly difficult time staying sober.

How Long is Partial Hospitalization Treatment?

Partial Hospitalization is a level of clinical care that typically follows residential inpatient treatment and precedes intensive outpatient treatment (IOP). While in PHP clients generally take part in a full schedule of activities approximately five or six days a week. These could include individual, group and family therapy, educational workshops, recreational activities, holistic workshops and other addiction recovery services. While in PHP, guests generally live at a sober living or private home and come to the PHP facility during the day.

The length of a client’s stay in PHP depends on their unique needs. In most cases this stage of the recovery process lasts for three months, though it can last for a longer amount of time if a client is dealing with a complicated dual diagnosis disorder or has a personal history of overdose.

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How Long is Outpatient Addiction Rehab?

Guardian Recovery Network’s intensive outpatient treatment programs provide a flexible form of addiction treatment that allows individuals to go to work, attend school, engage in their day-to-day lives and live at home or at sober living while simultaneously participating in a treatment program. Some of our IOP facilities offer demographic-specific groups, such as women’s groups, men’s groups and young adult groups, providing highly focused care.

Individuals attend treatment between three and five days a week for between three and five hours each day. Our IOP locations typically have different time tracks to accommodate different schedules, including a morning track, afternoon track and evening track. A client’s duration in this stage of treatment is based on what is deemed clinically appropriate, but IOP typically lasts at least 60 days.

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    Benefits of Long-Term Substance Use Treatment

    The benefits of a full continuum of care, as offered by Guardian Recovery Network, include improved treatment outcomes and a significantly reduced risk of relapse. If you or someone you love has been struggling with a substance use disorder of any type or severity, we are available to help. While we recommend beginning with a short stay in one of our medical detox centers, we understand not everyone is at the same point in their personal recovery journeys. During our initial phone call we discuss which level of clinical care best meets your personal needs or the needs of your loved one. All you have to do is contact us today and we will take care of the rest.

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