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Addiction is a complex and far-reaching disease, one that devastates the physical body, compromises emotional well-being and destroys mental health. Because the effects of active addiction are so comprehensive, an integrated treatment program always proves to be the most effective. At Guardian Recovery Network we offer a combination of intensive therapeutic care and holistic addiction treatment methods, geared towards tackling the physical, emotional and mental implications of substance abuse.

Utilizing Holistic Healing

The term “holistic” essentially means taking a “whole person” approach to treatment. In addition to more traditional therapeutic methods, at Guardian Recovery Network we sometimes utilize  holistic healing methods that have been heavily researched and proven beneficial in the treatment of substance use disorders. For example, some of Guardian Recovery Network’s facilities offer acupuncture, yoga, nutrition therapy and mindfulness meditation.

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The Holistic Services We Provide

The holistic treatment services we provide include:

  • Yoga therapy – Yoga is an adjunct method of holistic addiction treatment, one that has numerous proven benefits including stress relief, pain relief, increased physical strength and stamina, improved sleep and increased energy levels, an increased level of self-awareness and a general improvement of overall health and well-being. At Guardian Recovery Network we offer regular yoga therapy sessions, facilitated by a licensed and experienced yoga therapist. Classes can be easily modified to meet the unique needs of each individual client.
  • Mindfulness meditation – Mindfulness-based interventions are often utilized as part of integrated addiction recovery programs. We focus on mindfulness meditation, which teaches attention and acceptance. Clients learn to pay attention to their emotions and identify the ways they are feeling, while accepting themselves exactly where they are in the present moment. This technique helps clients quiet their minds and remain grounded, and is an important part of relapse prevention training.
  • Acupuncture – This Eastern method of medicinal intervention uses thin, sterile needles that are carefully inserted into specific pressure points throughout the body. Acupuncture – more specifically, aural acupuncture (ear acupuncture) – has proven beneficial in alleviating certain symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal, including psychological cravings. A licensed acupuncturist works regularly with clients, most commonly during medical detox and residential treatment.
  • Nutrition therapy – Our clients participate in professionally led nutritional therapy sessions, which focus on teaching them the skills they need to consistently prepare nutrient-dense meals and snacks for themselves that facilitate comprehensive healing. They learn about the benefits of different foods when it comes to addiction recovery, and learn more about the physical impact that active addiction has on the body.

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

A Whole-Person Approach to Addiction Recovery

At Guardian Recovery Network we are dedicated to taking a whole-person approach to addiction recovery and leaving no stone unturned. A whole-person approach is a long-term solution that focuses on  continuous self-improvement. Recovery is a lifelong process of healing, and it continues long after clinical care has concluded. We teach clients that in order to maintain a life of fulfilling and meaningful recovery, it is important for them to develop and uphold positive behavioral patterns that will actively serve them for years to come. Sometimes this can include holistic treatment methods.

The Benefits of Holistic Therapy

There are many benefits that go hand-in-hand with a holistic approach to addiction treatment, including:

  • The alleviation of certain withdrawal and post-acute withdrawal symptoms – The intense psychological cravings that often lead to relapse when left untreated.

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  • Stress management and stress relief – Holistic methods like yoga and mindfulness meditation have been proven to facilitate stress reduction, reduce symptoms associated with anxiety and lead to a greater level of mind-body connection.
  • An increased ability to regulate uncomfortable emotions and work through potential relapse triggers – The goal of many holistic treatment methods is to teach clients how to stay grounded in the present moment and acknowledge emotions as fleeting, manageable and impermanent.
  • The maintenance of physical health – Holistic methods like nutritional therapy teach clients how to adequately care for their physical bodies while simultaneously nourishing their minds and facilitating comprehensive healing.

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