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Case managers are advocates for each individual client. Their role is to help clients plan, facilitate and manage their treatment plans. From the very beginning, Guardian’s case managers get to know their clients on a personal level. They learn about their families, life circumstances, legal challenges, employment status, medical needs and any other information pertinent to managing the client’s recovery journey. Case managers serve as an intermediary between our clients and their families, lawyers, doctors, employers, universities or any other pertinent people or entities involved in the client’s treatment plan. Our case managers are highly-experienced professionals with a wealth of knowledge committed to creating a positive, seamless experience for our clients. To learn more about case management or Guardian’s treatment options, please contact us. We are dedicated to helping get you or your loved one on the road to recovery.

Effective Case Management

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), there are eight main principles of effective case management listed in Treatment Improvement Protocols.

The Principles of Effective Case Management:

  • Case management offers the client and his or her loved ones a single point of contact, consolidating the services that are being received from multiple agencies.
  • Case management services are completely client-driven, and focus on the unique and individualized needs and clinical requirements of each client.
  • Client advocacy is one of the top priorities of effective case management.
  • Case management is pragmatic and begins addressing the most immediate needs of each client first.
  • Case management services must be flexible and must continuously adapt to the changing needs of the client.
  • It is crucial that the case manager anticipates any potential problems and understands what is necessary to thoroughly address these problems before they fully develop.
  • Case management services are culturally competent, and address necessary accommodations for diversity, race, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, and life stage (for example, adolescence or old age).

At Guardian Recovery Network, not only do we abide by these principles, but we go above and beyond them.

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Guardian Case Management Principles

Chemical dependency and mental or behavioral health problems ravage every facet of life: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. At Guardian, our case managers know there are many factors at play when a client or loved one reaches out for help. Full and lasting recovery from addiction, mental health disorders and co-occurring illnesses rests on making a definitive diagnosis, charting a course of evidence-based treatment, continuing prescribed medications and pursuing effective therapies. Our professional case managers help manage each individual’s recovery journey.

At Guardian Recovery Network our case management services are extremely comprehensive. Our main priority is to provide each of our clients with the support and insight they need to seamlessly coordinate all areas of their lives.

Case Managers Support Clients To:

  • Develop important life skills – Active addiction severely compromises the ability to function at a basic level. Many clients must relearn what it means to take care of themselves. Our case managers ensure that our clients learn to set and achieve personal goals, practice self-care, grocery shop, prepare nutritious meals, maintain a clean living space, manage their finances, utilize their time responsibly, maintain gainful employment and build healthy relationships with other men and women in recovery.
  • Explore effective dual diagnosis treatment options – We offer dual diagnosis treatment options for clients who are suffering at the hands of an underlying mental health condition like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Case managers work with a client’s psychiatrist to ensure that they are being properly medicated and have access to any additional services they require.
  • Seek vocational training or gain employment – Sustainable employment is essential to working towards financial independence, paying off any existing debt and building self-esteem. Case managers help clients find recovery-appropriate occupations while focusing on the importance of punctuality, completing personal tasks throughout the day and working through any workplace conflict in a healthy and productive way.
  • Return to or apply for school – Many of our clients who struggled with addiction during adolescence or their young adult years either entirely dropped out of school or experienced a sharp decline in grades. If a client wants to return to school our case managers help with educational placement and encourage them to achieve their academic goals.

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

  • Work towards financial independence & learn to budget – All financial capability completely flies out the window during active addiction, which often leads to a great amount of debt. Case managers help clients devise a plan to work through their financial challenges and work towards financial independence.
  • Improve family dynamics – Case managers do more than serve as the main point of contact between the treatment team and the loved one of each client. They work to improve family dynamics by encouraging healthy communication and support. Case managers provide the loved ones of our clients with additional resources if need be, like family therapy services or an introduction to 12-Step support groups like Al-Anon.
  • Build healthy communication skills – Clients learn to express their personal needs and communicate with others in a calm and effective way. Healthy relationships are built of communication and the maintenance of healthy personal boundaries.
  • Build a recovery community – Case managers teach clients about the importance of building a recovery support network, whether that is through traditional 12-Step rooms, Smart Recovery or any other desired recovery community. Case managers also help clients find reliable transportation to and from recovery meetings whenever necessary.
  • Prevent relapse – Case managers help clients identify their personal relapse triggers and work through the uncomfortable feelings and emotions that could ultimately lead to relapse.
  • Improve interpersonal relationships – Some clients struggle to develop and maintain healthy relationships with other men and women in recovery. Case managers guide them to build mutually beneficial friendships that will reinforce their sobriety.

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Monitoring & Assessing Treatment Progress

Clients encounter many pitfalls as they progress through the recovery process. Through it all, Guardian case managers provide monitoring and oversight that gives clients clear objectives and helps them to stay on track with clinical treatment. We also evaluate program effectiveness and make necessary adjustments as individuals move from one recovery stage to the next.

Additional Case Management Services:

  • Monitoring medications & appointments
  • Drug testing & check-ins
  • Tracking progress through the continuum of care
  • Communicating with providers & family
  • Advocating for the patient
  • Coordinating support activities & modalities
  • Providing 24/7 patient support

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