Choosing an Addiction Treatment Program

When choosing an addiction treatment program it is absolutely crucial that you know what to look for. Because there are so many varying types of addiction treatment programs available, it is a good idea to have a solid list of your personal requirements in mind. Are you looking for a program that focuses heavily on trauma-informed care, and specializes in treating men and women with a history of post-traumatic stress disorder? Are you looking for a female-specific rehab that caters to women who simultaneously struggle with disordered eating patterns? Is a dual diagnosis treatment center that specializes in treating underlying mental illnesses more your speed? With so many specialized options available, it can be easy to get somewhat overwhelmed. The good news is that we are available to help make the process of finding addiction treatment as simple as possible from start to finish.

Finding the Right Addiction Treatment Program For You

When you are choosing an addiction treatment program for you or your loved one, it is crucial that you know what to look for. As you continue to do your research and look into potential options, here are several important factors to keep in mind.

  • Look for a program with licensing and accreditation – At Guardian Recovery Network we hold ourselves to an extremely high standard of clinical excellence, and we have been licensed and accredited through the states of Maine, Florida and New Jersey.
  • Choose a program who has a credentialed clinical team – Guardian clinicians constantly raise the bar for substance abuse and mental health treatment. We have assembled a team of industry-leading doctors and clinicians, as well as a team of addiction specialists who are dedicated to helping clients overcome substance misuse and behavioral health struggles.
  • Choose an addiction treatment program with a multidisciplinary team – a team of doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, addiction treatment specialists and holistic counselors.
  • Look for an addiction treatment program that puts a strong emphasis on evidence-based practices and approaches – The most effective programs rely on therapeutic methods and holistic approaches to recovery that have been backed by ample scientific research and ongoing application.
  • Make sure that the treatment program you are looking into offers mental health services in addition to traditional addiction treatment services – At Guardian Recovery Network we offer dual diagnosis treatment options for men and women with underlying mental health conditions.
  • Take the treatment success rates into consideration, and if possible, speak with alumni – Many reputable treatment centers offer an alumni list to potential clients. Speaking with someone who has been through the program before can be very enlightening.
  • Ensure that the program you are looking into accepts your health insurance or offers additional coverage options, like self-pay or private pay – We work closely with most major regional providers in Maine, Florida and New Jersey, as well as most major national providers.
  • Choose a treatment program that offers a high level of family involvement – Reputable rehabs offer a range of family-oriented services and resources, including family therapy sessions and intensive family workshops.
  • Find a treatment program that offers ongoing support to past clients and puts a strong emphasis on aftercare planning – In order for treatment to be successful long-term, a plan for continuing care must be in place.

Guardian Recovery Network – Our Program of Recovery

At Guardian Recovery Network we offer a range of addiction treatment programs that cater to a wide variety of unique and highly individualized needs. Some of the therapeutic services we offer during every level of clinical care include:

  • Intervention services
  • Case management services
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Family therapy and intensive family workshops
  • 12 step program education and immersion
  • Relapse prevention training
  • Lifeskills training
  • Holistic treatment methods
  • Vocational training and education placement services
  • Dual diagnosis treatment options
  • Demographic-specific treatment
  • Thorough and personalized aftercare planning
  • Medication Assisted Treatment and medication management
  • Alumni programs

From our medically supervised detoxification process to our unique and effective immersion treatment model, our Colorado, Florida, Maine, New Hampshire and New Jersey drug rehab programs embody a fusion of 12-step principles, scientific treatment methods and a range of proven holistic modalities.

Addiction recovery is not a one-size-fits-all process. No two experiences with active addiction are the same, therefore no two recovery journeys should be identical. At Guardian Recovery Network we tailor each individual recovery journey to fit the highly specific needs of you or your loved one, ultimately delivering the most personalized clinical care possible.

choosing an addiction treatment program

The Levels of Care We Offer

At Guardian Recovery Network we offer several levels of clinical care, including:

  • Medically monitored detox – Medical detox typically lasts for between one and two weeks, and it is geared towards helping clients undergo a safe and pain-free drug or alcohol withdrawal. Our medically monitored detox facilities are operated by a team of highly experienced medical professionals, and were designed with client comfort in mind. Symptoms are effectively treated as they arise and clients are exposed to intensive therapeutic care, relapse prevention training and 12 step involvement.
  • Inpatient addiction treatment – Our inpatient addiction treatment centers combine proven methods of therapeutic intervention with holistic modalities and 12 step program immersion, making for a comprehensive and integrated treatment program.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment – Our IOP program is a small step down from inpatient treatment, and allows clients slightly more personal freedom while delivering intensive clinical and therapeutic care roughly five days a week.
  • Outpatient treatment – Our OP program is a step down from IOP, and allows for much more flexibility and personal freedom. Our OP is ideal for men and women who have completed a higher level of clinical care or who are struggling with a mild substance abuse disorder.

If you are unsure as to which level of care is the most appropriate for you or your loved ones, call us today. Our team of dedicated professionals is available 24-hours a day to help you in any way possible.

Begin Your Personal Recovery Journey

At Guardian Recovery Network we believe that an effective and multi-phased program of clinical addiction treatment should be readily available to everyone in need. For this reason, our team of dedicated professionals has developed an admissions process that is simple and easy to navigate. The moment you give us a call we begin by conducting a brief pre-assessment over the phone, which typically takes no more than 10 minutes. We ask a series of non-invasive questions like, “How long have you been abusing chemical substances?” “Do you have any underlying mental health conditions that you are aware of?” “Do you suffer from any unresolved trauma, or have you ever been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder?” These questions (and others) help our clinical team determine which demographic-specific treatment track best suits your individual needs and requirements. We also offer a free, no obligation health insurance benefit check for men and women who are currently insured through any major regional or national provider. We work closely with most major insurance providers in order to make our treatment services as accessible as possible. Finally, we set a date and a time for intake and help arrange transportation whenever necessary.

If you or someone you love has been suffering at the hands of a substance abuse disorder of any severity, Guardian Recovery Network is available to help. Our intensive and highly individualized addiction treatment program is among the most effective and widely recognized in the country. Begin your journey of healing – contact us today.

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