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Understanding Trauma and PTSD

It’s very common for people to have flashbacks, nightmares or upsetting memories after undergoing a traumatic event. However, some of them are unable to make a full recovery from their experience, leading to post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.

PTSD is a serious and potentially devastating condition that can occur in people who have […]

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Ways to Practice Self-Care in Sobriety

Recovery is a lifelong process that involves changing your behaviors and thought patterns. Though you’ll get in the habit of practicing daily, the journey isn’t always easy. And while many treatment programs offer robust aftercare programs, you ultimately hold the success of your recovery in your hands. That’s why practicing 

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Why Out of State Rehab Is Worth the Travel

Deciding to enter a treatment facility for addiction is a difficult choice. However, it can sometimes be just as challenging to choose the right rehab facility for you. Many excellent addiction treatment centers are scattered throughout our nation, making it relatively easy to find a program that’s close to home.

However, it’s not uncommon for […]

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Ways to Have Fun and Stay Sober in College

Starting college can be both thrilling and terrifying. For many students, it’s your first time living independently. You’ll have to learn new life skills, like balancing your schedule to make sure you don’t fall behind in any of your classes. The pressure can feel intense, and sometimes overwhelming.

Movies and television shows often depict college as […]

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