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The Importance of Family Support During Recovery

People struggling to break free of the disease of addiction often feel as if they are facing their challenges alone. However, substance abuse – and recovery – affect friends and families just as much as the individual who has decided to seek treatment. That’s why family support plays such a vital role in addiction […]

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What Makes 12-Step Immersion Program So Effective?

Despite the central role the 12-step program model plays in many addiction treatment programs, those who have never encountered this approach may not understand what it is and what makes it such a successful tool. However, like many treatment centers around the U.S., Guardian Recovery Network uses a 12-step immersion program, in conjunction with […]

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Former NY Jet Erik Coleman Speaks About Addiction Recovery Advocacy & The Guardian Recovery Network

Erik Coleman, former New York Jet, had his sights set on broadcasting long before his current job in broadcast journalism. Coleman, the Jets’ free safety and former 5th round pick from the [...]

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