Despite the central role the 12-step program model plays in many addiction treatment programs, those who have never encountered this approach may not understand what it is and what makes it such a successful tool. However, like many treatment centers around the U.S., Guardian Recovery Network uses a 12-step immersion program, in conjunction with traditional therapeutic methods, to help our clients achieve lasting recovery from the disease of addiction.

We believe people who commit to the 12-step recovery process are more likely to break free of their substance dependency and realize the goal of lifelong sobriety. In addition, people who participate in 12-step therapy discover an emotional strength that helps them support others who are struggling to heal. It’s practical for anyone living with an addiction issue and their loved ones to understand what benefits the 12 steps have to offer.

What Makes 12-Step Programs So Successful?

Generally, 12-step groups create safe spaces where participants feel free from judgment and the usual social stigmas surrounding addiction and substance abuse. At Guardian Recovery Network, we witness countless success stories from patients who have reached sobriety with the help of our 12-step program. Many people who complete our 12-step immersion program continue to attend meetings, and often sponsor new members for one-on-one guidance and support.

Using 12-Step Therapy in Treatment

At Guardian Recovery Network, we believe every patient deserves an individualized plan for achieving sobriety, and we incorporate the spiritually restorative principles of the 12-step model into every phase of our immersion recovery program. Even patients with no religious affiliation or inclination can get hope and healing in a supportive atmosphere, because the 12-step approach provides a judgment-free zone for sharing worries and goals with peers who are often struggling with the same challenges.

To learn more about how 12-step immersion can help you or a loved one achieve lifelong sobriety, contact us today. Our admissions counselors are waiting to speak to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.