Guardian Recovery Network’s psychotherapy and counseling programs change lives by providing emotional clarity, clinical treatment and disease education. However, these science-based therapies fall short in addressing the profound emotional and spiritual emptiness left when clients realize the damage they have done during addiction. The twelve step approach of AA’s Big Book® teach participants how to fill that void, embrace gratitude and regain self-respect. AA’s time-tested principles have guided millions of chemically dependent individuals into recovery—and sustained them through inevitable challenges.

Using a blend of 12-step tenets and alternative therapeutic approaches, Guardian incorporates the Big Book’s spiritually restorative principles into every phase of our immersion recovery program.

A True 12 Step Immersion Program

Many of Guardian’s certified counselors have also been affected by drug or alcohol misuse and have achieved recovery using the 12 steps. These credentialed experts understand addiction from the inside out, and they are able to apply twelve step program tenets in an insightful, personal way. As part of our immersion recovery program, we teach you how to use the step process to rebuild mental and emotional health while repairing broken relationships. When you leave our immersion rehab, you will have worked your way through the first seven steps and opened yourself to spiritual healing and restoration of self-worth.

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Benefits of Immersive 12-Step Recovery

It is a sad fact that many addicted men and women are unable to sustain recovery as they find themselves entering one rehab after another. The goal of Guardian Recovery Network’s comprehensive addiction treatment program is to empower clients with the information, recovery tools and support that will enable lasting first-time recovery. Our 12-step immersion approach adds a disciplined self-examination to the recovery process, and lays out a clear pathway from helplessness and emptiness to redemptive humility and purpose.

Meet Guardian Recovery Network: your advocates and champions for success. To experience twelve step program or do the hard work of detoxing before entering rehab, call 877-301-4673 to speak with our skilled addiction counselors. We are happy to provide information about 12-step immersion, medically supervised detox or aftercare strategies. For your privacy and convenience, you can also contact a Guardian online.