Immersion Recovery

Florida 12-Step Immersion for Drug & Alcohol Recovery

Immersion Recovery

When addiction steals your hope and ravages your relationships, our Delray Beach wellness center is a light in the darkness. Home to one of the nation’s only true 12-step immersion recovery programs, the facility fuses a 12-step approach with clinically dynamic and complementary therapies to achieve proven results. Setting our guests on the road to long-term sobriety, we’ve built a healing oasis run by best-in-class physicians, therapists and addiction specialists.

The Immersion Difference

Our South Florida rehab is staffed by people who want the best for you. We are your advocates: helping you detox comfortably, navigate insurance complexities and achieve ambitious recovery goals that will enrich your life and your relationships. Here, we are concerned with your mind, body and soul—because chemical dependency affects every part of you. 

 Features and benefits of our luxurious, four-story Delray Beach center include:

Advantages of 12-Step Immersion Approach

Immersion Recovery relies on the time-tested tenets of Alcoholics Anonymous’ Big Book® program. We take a pragmatic, daily approach to helping guests integrate the 12-step guidelines into their lives while participating in a sophisticated program of clinically dynamic therapies and complementary modalities. This “fusion concept” is a breath of fresh air for individuals who have struggled to achieve recovery in more conventional programs.

Recovery #NotTreatment at Our Delray Beach Home

As you enter our intensive South Florida residential or outpatient programs, you will launch a recovery journey that provides life-saving hope and helps you unravel deep-seated addiction issues. Through it all, you’ll partner with our compassionate care team: learning to honor yourself, build essential life skills, and create a vision for your thriving, sober life.

Click here or call 877-301-4673 to share your story with our admissions counselors or to request insurance verification for residential recovery and outpatient treatment. True transformation is possible. In fact, we’ve used these exact methods to get clean and sober, ourselves. With our experienced advocates at your side, you’ll overcome your frailties and emerge stronger than you thought possible.


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